How Persuasive is your Personal Brand?

Are your people wanting to increase their persuasive power, communicate influentially and lead effectively?

In these uncertain times, being credible and trustworthy are the foundations of being able to persuade, influence, lead and sell.

Knowing how to create and amplify a powerful personal brand can make the difference between successfully achieving your goals or just plodding along in mediocrity.

Monica Rosenfeld is a Personal Branding and Media Expert, who has worked in the industry of image creation and amplification for over twenty years.

She is also a comedian, exceptional communicator and a lover of helping leaders, corporate teams and businesses owners increase their credibility, confidence and charisma.

From producing global documentaries, to working as a Producer for Australia’s most popular Current Affairs program and running a highly successful PR agency, Monica brings over two decades of trade secrets to her presentations.

As a stand up comedian, she knows how to get your audience laughing and skillfully manages the energy in the room.

When you lack clarity in your personal brand, your competitors and colleagues get the clients, kudos and career progression, leaving you wondering what they have that you’re missing.

If you’re looking for a funny, engaging and dynamic personal branding speaker or MC for your next in-person, virtual or hybrid event, you can count on Monica to inspire, educate and delight your audience.

Using storytelling and whip-smart humour, Monica has a way of making complex concepts simple and leaves audiences excited to use her practical frameworks to create and amplify their powerful personal brand.

“Monica opened our audience to a whole new opportunity to grow their business”

Phil Leahy, CEO, Retail Global


No two audiences are the same and as such Monica’s keynotes are not generic. She learns about the challenges of the  delegates
and tailors her keynotes to the brief and industry.

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