You Upskill Businesses or add value to your members through marketing and sales training and workshops.

You’re looking for a 2 hour, half day or full day workshop to add to your marketing topics.

Workshop 1

5 Steps to Media Magnet


When we consistently see someone being interviewed by the media, we unconsciously view them as credible and trustworthy.

Your clients will learn:

  • How to capture a journalist’s attention by speaking to them in their language
  • 5 newsworthy angle ideas to consistently gain exposure in the media
  • The formula for spotting pitch-worthy news idea
  • The unexpected tricks of a PR rep and how to build their own ‘little black book’
  • How to combine media exposure with digital marketing to supercharge their brand’s visibility.

Workshop 2

Pimp your Personal Brand  


In a world where we are bombarded with marketing messages, it’s vital to stand out from your competitors.  The best way to do that is by creating a personal brand that differentiates yourself from your competitors and helps you stand out of the pack.

But what does this really mean and how do we do it with punch? Monica decodes the science of a killer personal brand, showing you how to stand out, cut through and leave a memorable impression.

Your Audience will learn:

  • Monica’s unique formula to creating an authentic and memorable personal brand
  • How to use your personal brand to attract quality leads which convert to sales
  • Monica’s 5 step formula to develop your personal brand in mainstream media
  • How to pimp your personal brand through your social media platforms

“Many key takeaways to help think outside the square, to develop an effective media plan.”

Yve Lavine, Photographer

You want to be prepared for media interviews

Increase your confidence and get clarity around your key messages

Given the opportunity to magnify your message on a stage to 5 million or more people, would you just wing it?

Chances are you wouldn’t and media interviews should be viewed in the same light.

A customised half or full day media training session will provide you with the confidence, skills and techniques you require to ensure you excel in a wide range of interview situations.

You will learn:

  • How journalists think, providing insight as to what they require from you as interview talent
  • Identification of your brand’s key messages
  • Techniques to handle difficult questions
  • Role play scenarios based on questions that may be asked
  • Analysis of your performance in each interview with recommendations of what to work on

“The training was high impact, effective and left our spokespeople feeling confident about being interviewed by the media.”

David Goldman, Relationships Australia

Speech Writing & Presentation Training

You’re an executive or entrepreneur and you’re going to be presenting at a conference or business meeting.

You’re determined to make your presentation engaging, so that instead of the audience scrolling through their phone, they’re listening intently and absorbing your message.

You want to learn how to handle those pesky nerves so that you deliver your speech with confidence.

Monica’s presentation training can help you.

During an intensive 3 hour one-on-one session Monica will:

  • Workshop your content and transform it into an engaging presentation using her ‘Magnetise your message’ methodology
  • Discuss slide ideas to give your presentation punch
  • Teach you 3 stage craft tips to have you ‘owning the stage’
  • Show you techniques to manage your nerves in the lead up to the event and at crunch time

Darren Parker, SIRA, NSW Govt

“Support is high impact, efficient and effective. Personable, authentic and of highest quality.”

Darren Parker, SIRA, NSW Govt

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