Stories That Sell

How to use stories to attract and retain customers

Through the tales we share, we bring people into our world, evoking emotions and creating a bond.  Stories run throughout the fabric of all businesses.

Sharing stories is a powerful way to create loyalty and raving fans.

In Monica’s energetic and motivational style, she will teach your delegates how to unearth the tales to attract their tribe and inspire them to showcase their stories in the media.

Your Audience will learn:

  • 3 powerful stories of their own to retain and attract more customers/clients
  • How to evoke emotion through storytelling
  • How to amplify your stories by having them told through mainstream media
  • How to combine media exposure with social media marketing to supercharge your brand’s visibility

“We are thrilled to have been crowned champions for the #techdiversity awards. Thank you Monica!”

Caroline Stankamph, Vic ICT 4 Women

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